The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’ve been thinking about writing down all my experiences, thoughts, challenges and let’s face it, moaning moments of frustration. I’m finally carving out time to share with you the amazing story of my Sol-Man (better known as Sol Khai Nuku, 5 years old), recently diagnosed with DCD/Dyspraxia. If you have never heard of this condition, well, neither had I until I started to research behaviours and challenges that I had picked up in living with this little light. I want to start on a good note though and express just how much I love this sweet, crazy, energetic, creative, kind and affectionate human. I literally CAN.NOT get enough of his hugs of which there are loads on the daily. From the moment he wakes till his head hits the pillow, he shows us and everyone around him what “living in the moment” is all about. His cheeky smile, twinkly eyes, funny “one-liners” (usually from a superhero movie), comedic movements to music and passion for creating stuff are just some of the awesome-ness that is my “Sol-Man”. So, how did we get to our diagnosis? Well, I’m going to break it all down into bite size pieces so that, if it helps, you might know what to look for in your own child, or even yourself! I’ve heard of people that haven’t been diagnosed till their 30’s!!!

“Are we going to talk about the Elephant in the Room?” – Sol-Man, 5 years